Training and Support


Training & Support


WT Café provides its franchise owners with all the tools and resources you need to grow and manage your business. We take pride in our thorough training and onboarding program, which is outlined below. We teach you everything you need to know about building a WT Café business, step by step. We take you through the first early stages of building the foundation through the opening of your new business using specific, task-oriented checklists that help you stay focused on top priorities. Even after launch, we are available to support and guide you as you continue to grow your business and navigate the journey of franchise ownership.



We provide new franchise owners with a detailed action plan and coaching guide that outlines everything they need to do from the day they come on board to the day the franchise opens for business. This onboarding plan helps franchise owners launch flawlessly within 6 months. It’s designed to be a fast track to launch and it covers:

  • Dedicated Franchise Advisor – Assigned to you with scheduled coaching calls
  • Online Intranet – Centralized resource center with 24/7 access to all tools and resources
  • Operations Manual – A clear and detailed description of WT Café policies, procedures, and brand standards
  • Onboarding Checklists – Six critical task lists to keep you focused and on track with launch milestones
  • Administrative Infrastructure – Management, daily operations and back office system set up
  • Leads Database – Initial list of target prospects in your territory and blitz marketing strategy


Wholesome University™

Wholesome University™ hosts all system-wide training and training content, such as:

(1) New Franchise Training

This comprehensive, hands-on training program includes:

  • Onboarding Training – 9 days of classroom and field training (including a road trip to a local WT operation to view A Day in the Life) and a structured action plan
  • Launch Training – 5 days of onsite training and a structured checklist for your business launch from just before to just after opening
  • Online Operations Manual – Includes best practices, operating procedures, daily management processes
  • Financial Management – Standardized Chart of Accounts and bookkeeping assistance through launch
  • Site Selection Guidelines – To locate the right central commissary kitchen for your business
  • Sales and Marketing – Protocols, systems and tools for your business, advertising materials, marketing and promotional guidelines, a dedicated sales coach, marketing starter kit, market blitz program, email marketing, and customer acquisition techniques
  • Template Agreements – For partner locations (delivery and onsite) and kitchen leases
  • Social Media – Social media etiquette and training on online platform
  • Purchasing – Introduction to our vendor partnership program, including food, vehicle, and payroll
  • Kitchen Lab – Hands on recipe execution for Sales Tasting Menu

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2) Launch Training

Launch training occurs over a 5 day period surrounding the opening date of your new business. This training covers several critical topics that ensure a flawless launch of your local WT Café business:

  • Kitchen manager orientation
  • Market manager tips and tricks
  • Licenses, certification, and inspections
  • Opening and closing procedures
  • Key operational workflows
  • Culinary skills
  • Inventory levels
  • Packaging techniques
  • Mass production
  • Onsite distribution
  • Goal setting
  • Technology and reports
  • And more!


3) Other Training Opportunities

WT Café offers our franchise owners various webinars and training programs available on demand, such as:

  • Onsite client location training
  • Social media training
  • Financial management and reporting training
  • Management team training
  • Delivery driver training
  • Client location training
  • Additional onsite training

Slide decks and How To documents make it easy to implement these trainings in your location using traditional Train the Trainer techniques.


Sales And Marketing

We have proven sales protocols, market research, and marketing protocols that identify what our customers want and expect from WT Café. By working with a professional brand and design firm, we have developed WT Café brand standards that ensure consistency across the system. We will help you develop and implement an opening marketing plan and support you with long-term local marketing strategies using the following tools:

  • Prospect leads database
  • Annual marketing plan
  • Microsites for each franchise location
  • Corporate social media content
  • Targeted email marketing campaigns
  • Weekly menu promotion campaign
  • Monthly automated e-newsletter
  • Automated customer surveys
  • Uniform guidelines


Ongoing Support

Our support doesn’t stop after you open your WT Café business. We continue to provide resources that will help you navigate the world of franchise ownership. In addition to the corporate support team, our WT Café franchise owners have access to a nationwide network of fellow owners who are an instrumental support system and a great place to share best practices.

Our support tools are designed to provide our franchise owners a maximum return on their investment by running an efficient, sales-driven organization:

  • Proprietary recipe library
  • 24/7 Support help desk
  • Ongoing franchise consulting
  • Website leads capture
  • Sales and cold call support
  • Business KPIs
  • Annual sales minimums
  • Monthly P&L reviews
  • Inventory tools
  • Annual budget calls
  • Franchise advisory council
  • Quarterly update webinars
  • Annual franchise reunion

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Every year, our corporate support team will meet with you to review your financial statements and help you with next year’s budgeting process. We are always available to assist in sales calls and negotiations. We host an annual franchise owner reunion every year in our sunny Orlando, Florida headquarters so you can learn about the new programs and network with your peers. Additionally, we provide you with all the marketing tools required to grow a thriving business. Every quarter, franchise owners participate in a webinar to discuss trends, challenges, and wins across the system in order to improve the brand and share best practices.

We seek driven business leaders who are highly motivated to build a business by following our proven strategy to aggressively target their market, quickly secure exclusive accounts, and consistently exceed business goals. It is together with our franchise owners that we will transform the WT Café brand into a household name and solidify our reputation as the leader in fresh and convenient food for kids and families.


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