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Successful modern franchises utilize the latest technology. At WT Café, we are proud to be more than just a traditional food franchise: our fully integrated technology platform is the driving force behind our business model. We have invested in a customized, state-of-the-art software solution, an interactive social media platform, and mobile innovations that address the needs of our parent customers, our client locations, and our franchise owners. Our proprietary technology simplifies the WT Café experience for everyone involved.


Parent Customers

Our proprietary, custom-built technology makes parents lives easier by providing an easy and convenient ordering experience so they can order fresh food for their families anytime, anywhere.

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Our software allows parent customers the ability to:

  • Create unlimited profiles
  • Manage allergies and special diets
  • View menus and order online 24/7
  • View photos and nutritionals online
  • Subscribe to WT Café meal plans
  • Receive transaction confirmations
  • Set up prepaid accounts so kids can order
  • Receive automated order reminders
  • Import orders to online calendar
  • Manage email subscriptions
  • Receive healthy eating tips and recipes

With our online ordering system, parents, kids and other customers can order from WT Café all day long – even after your employees have gone home. Your parent customers will love the ease of the technology experience, and you’ll love it too.


Client Locations

Our technology makes life easier for schools, camps, community centers, and other kid-friendly client locations by removing the administrative burden of managing a food program. Our web-based platform is simple, secure and easy to use, and the point-of-sale system means any type of client location can participate in the WT Café program, even those with onsite kitchens.

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We give client locations access to:

  • Customizable menus
  • 24/7 Online ordering
  • Account management
  • Calendar management
  • Allergy and special diet management
  • Meals, catering, fundraising options
  • Group orders
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Prepaid account management
  • Distribution reports
  • Point of sale processing


Franchise Owners

Our technology streamlines all aspects of running a WT Café franchise, which helps franchise owners keep everyone on track, from marketing to the kitchen to delivery drivers in the field. When all of your team members have access to the same information online, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and feel confident about moving your business forward quickly.

The online platform allows you to focus on building your WT Café business instead of getting tied up in customer orders – since your customers order online, your orders are received 24/7 and without any additional involvement from you or your employees. What a great feeling to watch your bank account balance grow without a labor-intensive investment!

Our proprietary, custom-built software is the leading management tool in the industry, offering our franchise owners the ability to:

  • Set up unlimited client accounts
  • Create and publish unlimited menus
  • Manage multiple product lines
  • Customize pricing
  • Track orders and order fulfillment
  • Manage kitchen production
  • Create and assign delivery routes
  • Process POS transactions
  • Financial and sales reporting
  • Manage client account performance
  • Integrate merchant services
  • Manage customers
  • Monitor sales mix and trends
  • Calculate and benchmark business KPIs

In addition to the WT Café proprietary software, our franchise owners also receive access to several technology tools that: (1) provide easy access to important business information, (2) share best practices with other franchise owners, (3) simplify financial and gross sales reporting, (4) create market opportunity and build revenue, and (5) facilitate efficient running of the operation.

These tools include:

  • Business email service
  • Online recipe library
  • System-wide intranet
  • Online operations manual
  • Financial reporting platform
  • Social media platform
  • Online support help desk
  • Online franchise community chat

You will be able to experience our robust technology in person when you attend a Discovery Day. If you’d like to learn more about how WT Café’s online innovation sets us apart in the food service industry, please contact us at 800-681-4207.


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