WT Café Franchisee Great Stories

Stephanie Springel, Las Vegas, NV

WT Café Franchise Owner since 2011

As a parent of 2, Stephanie knew firsthand how challenging it is to ensure kids make good choices when it comes to the foods they put into their bodies. She would work on healthy habits with her own children at the grocery store, at home, and when the family would go out to eat.

Stephanie co-founded a law firm Southern California in 1997 then moved to Las Vegas in 2002 to further expand the practice. In 2010, Stephanie began volunteering at Three Square Food Bank and started doing research on franchise opportunities. She met WT Café at a franchise show in Miami, Florida and that was all it took.

Stephanie launched her business serving over 400 meals a day. Within four years, she’s grown her customer base to well over 4000 and growing!

Katie Biondi, Naples, FL

WT Café Franchise Owner since 2014

Mother of 2, Katie Biondi had a hunger for healthier school lunches for her sons. Disappointed with the available school lunch, the Naples resident did a web search for alternatives and found WT Café. Katie, a former mortgage company owner, learned more about the company and its food standards and was hooked.

“After a parent orders the meal online, Biondi receives a breakdown of how many meals have been ordered for a particular day. The system sorts the list by categories such as school, classroom number and meal and the information is printed on a label so the meal can be delivered directly to the child,” Biondi said.

“The meals range from $4.75 to $6.50. Parents can order a meal at a time or order as far out as the menu goes”, Biondi said. For now, Biondi is focusing on summer camps and schools, but said parents can pick up from her kitchen commissary. “This gives public school parents the option to come in and pick up food,” she said, adding “My goal is just to have the exposure to our whole community.”

After just one year in business, Katie was serving an average of over 500 meals a day and adds that’s thanks to her community. “They are saying I will help you in whatever way I can and just lending a lot of support which has been great,” she said.

According to Biondi, in her one territory, she has the ability to make 2,000 meals a day. “I think we are going to get there very quickly,” Biondi said.

Karen Payne, Charlotte, NC

WT Café Franchise Owner since 2014

Karen lives in north Charlotte with her husband and their two children. Karen has been very active in her kids’ schools and has seen firsthand the poor quality of lunches. Her kids won’t eat the food!

Karen, a former Juice Plus network marketing distributor, heard about WT Café on a team conference call. Years later when she and her husband made the decision to investigate franchise opportunities she was surprised to see WT Café listed and the rest is history!

North Carolina has no healthy food options for schools looking for healthier programs. Most private schools there are bringing in fast food or local restaurants 5 days a week, using paper order forms or an online system that requires orders be made one month in advance. Karen knew opening a WT Café was a tremendous business opportunity!

Within five short months of coming on board with WT Café, Karen signed three client locations and launched serving an average of just over 200 meals a day. Within her first 12 months, Karen was serving 20 client locations and averaging over 400 meals a day.

Pete Hunter, Dallas, TX

WT Café Franchise Owner since 2015

One of four siblings, Pete was born to an entrepreneurial family and raised in Dallas, TX. A recent yearlong battle with Lyme’s disease highlighted the importance of a healthy diet and how beneficial it is to stay healthy and live an active lifestyle.

Pete has over 10 years of team building and management experience in national and international hotel management and Guest Services. He excels at building partnerships and nurturing long term relationships…both great characteristics for building a thriving  WT Café business!

Pete considered several other franchise concepts before deciding on WT Café. His personal commitment to living a healthy lifestyle make Pete a tremendous ambassador for our growing brand.

Pete launched his business within 4 short months serving over 300 meals day one. Within 60 days of his launch, Pete added 7 more client locations and is still growing strong!

"Knowing each day that I am feeding hundreds of children the freshest, most nutritious meals possible is more rewarding than I ever thought possible."

− Stephanie S., Las Vegas, NV

"After reading an article about WT Cafe, the concept immediately resonated with me. Having three kids of my own, I have seen first hand how nutrition and our children's eating habits effect their development, behavior, and overall health."

− Nick M., Columbus, OH

"I love waking up everyday knowing I'm making a difference."

− Kelly J., York, PA

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